This article focuses on the interactions between Chris and Topher.


Similar to Sierra from Total Drama World Tour, Topher is a huge fan of Chris, admiring the host greatly, repeatedly complimenting him for his hosting skills. Chris was excited and finally glad to see someone who likes his work and would even take Topher's advice on how to make the challenges more dangerous for the contestants, making everyone on the show hate them. However, Topher's admiration for Chris is shown to be as intense as Sierra's, which annoys Chris after sometime. Also, Topher infrequently makes ambiguous remarks to Chris about his appearance, his age, and his capabilities as a host, which makes the host insecure about himself. After multiple attempts to sign off the show, it became apparent that his admiration toward Chris turned into an obsession to host the show, and that he does not care about Chris as much as it seemed.

Total Drama: Pahkitew IslandEdit

Audition TapeEdit

In his audition tape, the teen mentions his nickname is "Chris 2.0", giving himself that nickname. To further the comparison, he adds that his cat is named after Chef and yells loudly through a megaphone, similar to Chris's actions throughout the series.


In the intro, Chris was annoyed that Topher was standing too close to him and he proceeded to push him off the rock that they were standing on.


  • Chris initally admired Topher, but eventually grew to hate the teen.
    • This is much like his interaction with Sierra.

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