This article focuses on the interactions between Dave and Ella


Ella's singing sometimes annoys Dave, but they become great friends. Ella developed a crush on him in A Blast From The Past


So, Uh This is My Team?Edit

Ella touches Dave's face before singing. They didn't interact for the rest of the episode.

I Love You, Grease PigEdit

Dave cheers Ella on as she sings to the pig. Dave looks concerned as she ends in the bottom two.

Twinning Isn't EverythingEdit

They didn't interact, but he looks annoyed with her singing. This is when Dave starts to get annoyed with Ella.

I Love You, I Love You KnotsEdit

Dave, Sky, Shawn, and Sugar tell her to stop singing.

A Blast From The PastEdit

Dave looks concerned as she was electrocuted by the efforts of Max and Scarlett, he helped her out of the water, and helped her put her shoe back on, and she grows a crush on him. He glared at Sugar whenever she cheered when Ella got hurt.

Mo' Monkey Mo' ProblemsEdit

In the beginning of the episode Ella thought the picnic was for her, but after Dave told her it was for Sky, she
Dave Ella Shoe

Dave helps Ella.

became depressed and wouldn't help during the challenge. While the team tried to tell Ella to sing, it was Dave who finally persuaded her (also later caused her elimination). At the elimination ceremony, Max was going to be eliminated, however Ella was eliminated instead for singing. In reality, Sugar had sent an anonymous note to Chris saying that Ella had sung during the challenge to get her eliminated. As she sang goodbye to everyone, she looked sad as she sang to Dave, touching his face, and as she was gladly taking her elimination, Dave looked sad to watch her leave.


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