This page focuses on the interactions between Dave and Sky



Sky comforting Dave after he gets covered in grease.

Dave seems to be attracted to Sky at some points in the series, such as in Episode 2 when Sky is comforting him after he gets covered in grease from the pig obstacle course. However, this is most likely a one-sided attraction since Sky states in the confessional she is not interested in Dave, but is more focused on the game. In Episode 3 she blushes and states in the confessional that she may have feelings for Dave but he is too distracting. In Episode 4 Sky is dared to kiss Dave and they both start to blush but they soon don't because of Sky burping in his face, eventually Sky realizes Dave's obsession with her, Dave constantly is around her, much to Sky's annoyance, she snaps at him when he asks her out, though they do care for each-other as Dave wished for Sky to see him off, she eventually did so after he had been cannoned. However, Dave is picked up to help Sky in the finale and they became a couple, just to break up when Dave discovers from Chris that Sky has a boyfriend at home and refuse to help her anymore.


Total Drama: Pahkitew IslandEdit

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Dave and Sky are seen on the plane not interacting at all. Once everyone had landed Chris created the teams and they were put on Team Maskwak together. Sky commands Dave to distract Chef, to which he does, she also calm's him down when everyone goes with Leonard's idea.


  • Dave asks her to be his girlfriend, to which she says no to causes him to be upset and vote himself off.


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