This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Jasmine.


Jasmine seems to make many friends throughout her time on the show, having survived until Episode 11. Jasmine can be intimidating to people at times due to her height and skill, but she means well and most of the other contestants are able to realize that, especially two of them.


In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Amy seems to be afraid of Jasmine and calls her a giant. Jasmine then asks her if they're "going to have a problem". They are placed on the same team. When Kinosewak are getting ready for the challenge, Jasmine compliments Amy for her idea, although it was Samey's. However, it can be assumed Jasmine didn't realize this. When Amy is working with Samey in the challenge, Jasmine shouts at them to move faster.

In I Love You, Grease Pig, Amy asks Jasmine where she is going when Jasmine jumps down onto the treehouse, and replies that she is going to forge for food. Samey ends up going with her, and she tells Samey to stand up to Amy at the beginning of the episode, implying that Jasmine doesn't particularly like the way Amy treats Samey. 

In Twinning Isn't Everything, Jasmine gets in a fight with Amy (and Samey) over a water balloon, wanting Samey to throw it. 


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In So, Uh, This Is My Team?, Jasmine and Samey are placed on the same team, and Jasmine yells at Amy and Samey to work faster during the challenge.

In I Love You, Grease Pig, Samey goes with Jasmine to "forge for food", where Jasmine tells her to stick up to Amy, telling her that she's the underdog, and that underdogs have a lot of fight in them. Jasmine saves Samey from a poisonous apple, and after winning the challenge Samey compliments Jasmine on her skill, asking her how she got the pig to do what she says.

In Twinning Isn't Everything, Jasmine plays a big role in Amy and Samey's conflict, where she sides with Samey. Jasmine ends up getting in a fight over the water balloon with Amy and Samey, losing them the challenge. At the end of the episode, Jasmine knows Samey is not Amy, and compliments her in the confessional.


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In So, Uh, This Is My Team, Jasmine catches Shawn when he is falling from the blimp, and they are placed on opposing teams.

In I Love You, Grease Pig, Jasmine and Shawn have a chance to interact in person as they are both out looking for food for their team. They chat to one another, and Jasmine says Shawn is cute and funny in the confessional.

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