Hurl and Go Seek!
Season 6, Episode 9
Challenge(s) Finish Juggy Chugs, hide and don't get caught
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Jasmine and Sugar
Eliminated Dave
Episode guide
"Three Zones And A Baby"
"Scarlett Fever"

Hurl and Go Seek! is the ninth episode of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.


It is the merge, and to celebrate, Chris awards everyone with a banquet. He announces the challenge is hide and seek, with Sugar being the only one not to participate due to her earning immunity earlier. Chris finds out the effects of buffet, and the competitors begin to turn into zombie like creatures. Sky gets angry at Dave due to his obsessiveness over her, while Jasmine wins the challenge due to Shawn, making her anger towards him disappear, Dave is eliminated, but it is worth noting he voted himself off due to his sadness.



  • This is the second hide and seek challenge in Total Drama History that occurred during a merge, the first being "Hide and Be Sneaky" of Total Drama Island.
  • Scarlett discovers that Pahkitew Island is mechanical in this episode.


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