Reality TV Pros
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Place RR: TBAth
Relationship Emma (mutual crush)
Friends Owen
Voiced by Carter Hayden

Noah, labeled The Reality TV Pro, is one of the competitors of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race and is one of the original cast members of Total Drama. His partner is Owen.

Coverage Edit

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Appearances Edit

The Ridonculous Race

  • 1x01 - None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1
  • 1x02 - None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2
  • 1x03 - French is an Eiffel Language
  • 1x04 - Mediterranean Homesick Blues
  • 1x05 - Bjorken Telephone
  • 1x06 - Brazilian Pain Forest
  • 1x07 - A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket
  • 1x08 - Hawaiian Honeyruin
  • 1x09 - Hello and Dubai
  • 1x10 - New Beijining
  • 1x11 - I Love Ridonc and Roll
  • 1x12 - My Way or Zimbabwe

Trivia Edit

  • Noah and his partner, Owen, are the only classic competitors to be competing as a team, so far.

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