This article focuses on the interactions between Sky and Sugar.


Being placed on the same team, Sky and Sugar interact quiet frequently.

Total Drama: Pahkitew IslandEdit

I Love You, Grease PigEdit

Mo' Monkey Mo' ProblemsEdit

Sky sits lonely on a tree stump, with Sugar coming up and sitting next to her. Sugar lies to her, when Sky asks if she thinks Dave likes Ella more than her, telling her Dave has been crushing on everybody, upsetting Sky. Sugar admits it was strategy, considering the merge was coming up soon. Later on in the episode, Sugar's goal to get rid of Ella irritates Sky. Sugar tries to tell Chris about Ella singing, but Sky doesn't let her succeed in doing so.

This is the Pits!Edit

Hurl and Go Seek!Edit

Scarlett FeverEdit

Sky FallEdit

Pahk'd With TalentEdit

Lies, Cries And One Big PrizeEdit

When Chris mentions how the already eliminated contestants will be selected as Sky and Shawn's helper, the monitor spins and lands on Sugar. The final two cringe in disgust, not wanting Sugar as their partner.


  • They were the last two females in the competition, after Jasmine's elimination.
    • Along with this, both are the highest ranking females of their respective teams.