The Total Drama: Pahkitew Island theme song is a 20 second video in which the show is introduced.

Theme Song

The theme starts out by showing cameras and animals popping out everywhere. Then we go through Pahkitew Island, in which we see Topher standing with Chris, who pushes him off a cliff.

Next we see Samey picking blueberries, followed by Amy dumping the bucket of blueberries on her head. Rodney attempts to give flowers to Amy, who destroys them.

Next, Sky, Sugar, and Ella are standing together on a cliff, with Ella singing. They are standing with a lot of animals. Sugar, who is annoyed, pushes Ella off the cliff, who is majestically helped by birds. Jasmine and Shawn are seen in a tree while Ella flies by.

We then see Leonard and Beardo annoying Dave, followed by Max trying to build some sort of robot. Right before the robot explodes, Scarlett pulls out an umbrella.

At the campfire, Jasmine and Shawn are about to kiss when Chris pops out in a zombie mask and scares Shawn away.