Ever dreamed being a voice actor? Here is your chance to be one! Audition to Total Drama Gone Wild!

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Ever dreamed of being a voice actor? Well here's your chance to be one!

Even if your'e NOT interested AT ALL, please read this blog and tell your friends about it!

There is a mirror blog in TDwiki with all the info and some pictures too! Please go ahead and check it!

Hey hey hey! My name is Jake, and I am the creator of the series' "Total Drama Gone Wild!". This series is my own self created animated seriesThough I do most of the making of the show myself (writing, designing and animating) I still need the help of 20 awesome people who are willing to take part of the show and be a voice actor. Do you want to be a voice actor from your'e house? Audition to the characters Help me out to create the series, enjoy the process and the voice acting! Want to join the TDGW voice actors army? Looking for all kinds of accents! British, American, Australian and French! ALL INFORMATION IN THIS BLOG!

TD Spoilers wiki, please do not delete this blog!

I'm trying to bring to the auditions as much people as I can, so please, I know this blog isn't some how related to Spoilers of TD but please do not delete this blog! I'm asking for helps from many wikis, so please help me with this project and do not delete it :)

But wait, what is Total Drama Gone Wild?

Some of you might know the show 'Total Drama', well, 'Total Drama Gone Wild' will be in the same 'universe' (meaning the same style of characters), and the concept of the show will be very like 'Total Drama'. It is a parody series of the famous show "Survivor"­ a bunch of teenagers are entering in an desserted island where they will have to internet connection, cellphones, computers or other technological equipment. After a series of challenge, one after another will be eliminated until only 3 are left to the finale, here one will win 1,000,000 dollars!

Some more information about voice acting FROM HOME!

Like every other animated, there are voice actors, and I need 20 people who will agree to help me in my project to make a real series.  Want to help in this project? :D Wanna be a part of it? Make sure to audition the The Army of DE BEST V.A. (Voice Actors) EVUR!

Basically, what is going to happen is this:

Choose one character you think will most fit to your voice, accent, age, tone of voice and energy in the voice (everything of every character will be detailed next) and fill an aplication form and send it to my message wall (details next). After you get an approval to your audition and the mini­script (the audition) the character has, following the instructions written in the script, please record the audition tape. GOOD LUCK!

please so not go now and send the application, read the whole blog and then do so :P Thanks!


What about payment?

This is a really touchy subject XD I really don't have any money and I'm not going to pay online. This is basically vouliteering, I won't be able to repay anyone with MONEY. But, there is a payment method I could repay you with - Designings, making your drawing (or just describing) of a characters into a real HD character, birthday cards with one of my characters, character bases, drawings and MORE!

Don't be afraid to ask for this kind of payment, but at the same time, the less payment you ask for the more is helps me! Some may just not ask for payment at all because they love the oportinuty to voice act, but I respect and will repay if you ask so. Also, you must keep in mind that the less episodes your characters has lines in the less I will repay. I hope you'll understand me and will do the best for you and for the project :D

Remember, everyone of the V.A.'s will be fully credited in every episode they will praticipate in.

So, how do I audition to DE BEST V.A. EVUR?

Don't be scared to show your acting skills, don't be shy!!

All the information and more is in the same blog in the TDFanfiction wiki!!! Please go ahead and check it out!

  Auditions aplications will be accepted until June 1st!