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  • Brightshadow15

    Have to post it on here for obvious reasons, but here is my analysis of TDPI :)

    After All-Stars, many of us had almost no hope for the next season, myself included.  But this season, despite being in Italian, blew me away.

    Originally, I thought it was going to be a really s*** season, with ridiculous plotlines and not much screentime for early eliminatees.  That was what I expected to see.  What I didn't expect to see was equal amounts of screentime, a lot of hilarious moments, and some amazing plotlines!

    Let's start off with the one-and-only...*pulls name out of hat*...Max?  Ok then.

    Max was IMO hilarious.  Not being able to understand it didn't keep me from laughing.  I mean, his attempts at being evil are so bad it was actually comedy mater…

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