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    One of the worst things the writers did in the TDPI finale was make Dave seem like a bad guy, when in fact he did nothing really wring except for one thing.

    The thing he did wrong was, try hard to make Sky(and Shawn if you belive that) lose. People say that he tried to kill them but I can just say Dave has done too many nice things to try and kill and if he did then, so did Jasmine, if you think about it, its just Jasmine was more guilty and regretful about doing it. They were doing the same stuff, they were BOTH launching trees and rocks at them.

    Now on to why he isn't a villain:

    1. He was cheated out of alot of things just because of Sky, he was cheated out of a Million Dollars, he was cheated out of his hair, and he was cheated out his hea…

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