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    Welcome to Ridonculous Race Mission. This is a new series of my blogs I'll be making. Each time something sort of big or something that has to due with RR, and it's not too confirmed, it's a #MISSION. Just like this one. So let's get to the first RR Mission:

    Brian Froud's Character

    So, I'm pretty sure we are ALL aware that Brian Froud is voicing in RR. However, I don't know if anyone has a screenshot of him saying that he is voicing in it. If you do, put it in the comments please. Moving on, it is said that Brian is voicing a returning character and not a new character. I also would like a screenshot of this, if anyone has it. And of course, since Brian voices TWO new characters, it makes this even more confusing, which is why a lot of us on…

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