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    I'm Back!

    June 9, 2015 by Randomphoenix03

    Hi, it's me again. I know I have been inactive for about a year, because school. But now I'm back... for the summer, I guess.

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    You heard me right! S3 casting will be given away RANDOMLY. All you have to do is just enter your name into the comments, YOU WILL GET A CHARACTER GUARANTEED*. You may get 1-3, who knows. Each day, we will put up 5 characters for randomizing. Yay :D You may decide to give a character back into the randomizer for someone else to choose, but this means you cannot get another character for the rest of the day.

    Each character that a person does not want will be put back into the cycle at the end.


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    Chris' First Blog
    Hello, campers! Today, I have decided to do something new... Make blogs about current stuff! Take you behind-the-scenes, give them something "Power Rankings", which means who is the most "powerful" in the game, and much more!

    So, I will do a blog about the FINALE of Season 1!

    Now, to Power Rankings!

    14. Amy - Yes, let all the hate flow in. She was eliminated in the triple elimination, along with Sugar and Topher. She didn't interact much with anyone else besides Samey, and only goal was to get Samey eliminated. However, this failed. Samey managed to reach the final 3, with Scarlett and Jasmine.

    13. Rodney - He really wasn't a good player. Eliminated first, though returning. Him returning in the merge probably was the only fact…

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    I was thinking we need more games for the wiki. All we have is the vote-out and the official roleplay. I don't know if the hurt and heal is starting back up, but I thought we could host another SEPERATE roleplay, just for fun :D You guys vote!

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    That's right. Season 2 is coming real close! We have some info for you:

    Most people have been BEGGING for a legit schedule. In S1, times got a BIT topsy-turvy, but we hope we can make a solid schedule.

    Daring Dramatizations The Teams' Song! 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Virtually Murder 12 13 14 15 Awfully Awkward "Attractions" 17 18 19 20 21 Finale Time!
    August 2nd, 4.00EST August 2nd, 4.00EST August 3rd, 4.00EST August 3rd, 4.00EST

    Bridgette- Drfizwuz (Drfizwuz is new to the cast :D Give a warm welcome!)

    DJ- Degrassi (Degrassi is new to the cast :D Give a warm welcome!)

    Noah- Izzynoah12

    Eva- DerpyandDawn


    Dawn- Ellafan4evr, TDfan10 (official sub) (TDfan10 is new to the cast :D Give a warm welcome!)

    B- Coolboy87

    Beardo- Ellafan4evr


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