Hi, this is my first blog and I would like to ask a question and your opinions on something, do you guys think Sugar can be the New Owen?

First, despite having similar traits in their actions, Owen and Sugar have different personalities, Owen is "funny", nice, kind, and comical, while Sugar can be short-tempered, aggresive, kind (to some extent), comical, and some sort of a "comic relief" but the have some aspects that are similar. A gag that we have seen in both Sugar and Owen is that they eat anything, even things that are bizzare. Sugar has eaten a live tarantula and a Slug, she tasted a mysterious substance that was dropped on her by Jasmine in the water balloon challenge and she did the gross task of reaching INSIDE of a monkey to get a coin. She has shown to have a side similar to Owen as well, like the fart joke in her auditon tape or the loud burp she did when interrupting Sky and Dave and puking on Dave (this was due to all of the shaking she endured in the ball she was in) this is of course human nature but like Owen is intended to be a "comical", (we may seem more of this in future episode.) Also similar to Owen is that she rarely gets grossed out by things, such as going through the sewage from the confessional cam bathroom, she was the only one from her team to not have any sort of a disgusted reation. She is rarely grossed out by things much like Owen and can be seen as a comic relief, although I do enjoy Sugar more than Owen due to her actually being funny and has a lot more to her and has more of a character than Owen other then just being a comic relief. So there is my reasoning.

Now, I ask you, do you consider Sugar to be like a "New Owen" I personally do, this is just my opinion howver, but I would love to hear yours :)