Here are the names, these are just my idea's:

Virtually Murder (Ep 11)- For each team Chris has selected a murder, he also reveals that they have helmet on them which put them in virtual reality, they are stuck on the subway, not many places to run really. Chris explains that the murderer will only murder people on there team, the first team to work together and find out who the murderer is wins! (Also meaning that the the first team to have all people wiped out excluding the murderer looses).

Daring Dramatizations! (Ep 1) - 3 people from each team, pick a name out of a hat, Chris made sure that they didn't get a teammate of there's, they have to act as the person, on stage, and Chris, Chef and Someone else will judge, the score will be out of 30, the overall score for each team is then gonna be 90, because simple maths, and whoever gets the lowest score looses, largest, wins. The others have to help the others prepare and also MUST try and sabotage the other teams which they aren't on.

Love is in Despair (Around merging time, maybe final 9) (Alternative name: Awfully Awkward Attractions)- Chris pairs up the remaining competitors and forces them to survive on a date.

The Teams' Song- The Teams Make a team anthem (Ep 2)

Mid-Knights- The final 6 are woken up at Midnight, and they have to find knights. (revealed to be recently eliminated contestants).

Chris and the Chocolate Factory- Basically, they have to survive the longest in the chocolate factory, whoever survives the longest gets to choose who goes home. There'll be about 3 oompa loompa's and Chris gets to choose the one who is doing the worst job to go home.

The Tug of More- (Ep 3) It's a tug of war challenge, with occasional tidbits of drama to anger each team and make them try harder.

The Pi Contest- (Ep 4?) Everyone must an answer math questions supplied by Chris, which ever team scores 10 points first wins, and the team with the lowest score at that time are sent to elimination.