14th. Dave. Yes, Dave, he's all, "SKY! SKY! I HAVE KNOWN HER FOR 2 EPISODES AND I LOVE HER! THEN WHEN SHE HAS A BF, I'LL TRY AND KILL HER!" Plus, he could be some crazy weirdo. So, Sky forgot that she didn't dump her BF like she planned, but at that moment, she was clearly concered about Dave seeing her audition tape, presumably meaning she remembered at that point, but Dave didn't care, he snapped at her. Stupid character.

Amy 13th: She's so boring. What did she do? Was she the antagonist? Only in Samey's eyes. Who did she interact with? Mostly Samey, even if she did interact with someone else it would be for a short period of time. Plus, once I had seen the trailers, I knew what to expect from her, with her character, there was no twist. At all.


12th: Beardo, he could be AWESOME! He can speak, he isn't annoying, he has a reason to make the effects, but he was a fodder, they didn't do much with her.