Welcome to the third Ferocious Fights (which is an equivalent to Wiki Wars, and Brutal Battles), which will be run by Jayden-G. This activity forces two objects, things, events, persons, etc. to fight against one another, and one will come on top. Here is how it works. Every Friday, there will be a new round of Ferocious Fights, and we have a full week to choose which one we prefer better.

Last week, Samey overwhelmingly won over Am. This week, the african canadian elimination fodders who are both voiced by Cle Bennet will battle it out.. Which one do you like more? Beardo VS Leonard? In order to vote, you just have to say who you choose, and bold it.

You have until July 11th, 2014 to vote. * You can ONLY vote ONCE for each round. If you vote more than once, none of your votes will count. It will also be helpful if you explain why you think an option is better than another. It is also nice if you bold your vote template to make it stand out more and make it more obvious as to who you voted for.