Well, the TDPI Intro has been found:

Thank Coolboy for the link.

Anyways, we all know that the intros gives away most of the significant interactions in the season. This season or half-season is no different. Jasmine and Shawn are the main couple of the season, which us 3 admins knew about, Chris and Topher have their own separate segment in the intro, Samey and Amy were put together, with Amy being mean to Samey, and Rodney attempting to give Amy flowers. Sugar pushes Ella off a cliff to only be attacked by Ella's animal friends. Sky just stood there as she watched the scene. Dave is annoyed by the fodders Leonard and Beardo, and Max is working on a machine with Scarlett being an assistant.

So the main interactions I caught were: Jasmine/Shawn, Max/Scarlett, the twins, Chris/Topher, Sugar/Ella, and potentially Rodney/Amy.