Hello everyone. As you can see, there has been a lot of planning for the highly anticipated Season 2 of Roleplay going on for the past 2-3 weeks, and us admins and others are trying our best to make it really organized. The first thing that needs to be shown is the schedule.


We will be Roleplaying every 3 days, and will be doing 2 episodes per Roleplay. This season runs from August 2nd-September 1st.

Well, there will be 11 days of Roleplay, and as usual, it will start at 3:30 PM, EST (so if you are from a different time zone, you need to research when that is in your time zone. It is solely your responsibility).

Last season, there were a lot of changes with the schedules, with many wanting to do more episodes on a Roleplay day, or change when a Roleplay day is, and this season, we are having none of that. This chart is final, meaning there will be no changes for it. If you cannot make it, alert someone, and another will RP your character for you. Each Roleplay will be 20-22 minutes long in length (like a normal episode), so we have to do a lot within those minutes.


  1. No swearing on wikia. If you want to swear, you have to do it like this (f**k, s**t, b**ch, etc). If you do swear on Chat, not only will you be kicked off, but you will be banned for a specific time frame.
  2. If you are over 5 minutes late to Roleplay, you will NOT be allowed to Roleplay your character until the episode ends. You should be coming on Chat at the minimum 10 minutes before the episode starts, so you could figure out all the connectivity and internet glitches and issues before the RP starts.
  3. If you miss over 3 Roleplay days (6 episodes on Roleplay), expect (not necessarily that it will) your characters to either be eliminated, or your roles given to another user.
  4. You MUST speak with a character icon when you are in the episode, so like this (Jo), (Zoey), (Duncan), (Chris), and an image will pop up in Chat
  5. If you are distracting or hindering the RP episode from taking place, you will be kicked and/or banned for a specific amount of time.
  6. If you are not able to make it to a Roleplay day, you must tell an admin (Ellafan or I) about it ahead of time, and you are responsible for finding someone to replace you on the RP episode.

We already have our cast lineup for the season, but no one else is going to know how you want to portray your character, so what you need to do is explain in the comments of this blog as to who your character is, what storyline you want them to have, how do you want them portrayed when they are gone, and what development you are expecting from your character. See you on Roleplay in 10 days.