Welcome to the Total Drama spoilers wiki! On this wiki, although it IS meant for spoilers, you MUST follow these rules to avoid bans.

  1. No harassing users. You will receive one warning for this at first, and if it continues, you will be banned for 1 month.
  2. You may create either blogs or pages, either works fine, since this IS the spoilers wiki BUT, you may only create pages that are related to Total Drama and NOTHING else.
  3. If you are banned on the Total Drama wiki and continue to use this wiki, you will be banned until your ban on the main wiki has been lifted.
  4. No swearing
  5. No sockpuppeting
  6. Blog posts MUST BE at the minimum 5 sentences, or they will be deleted.
  7. Blog posts must be related to the topic of the show.
  8. Newly created pages must have at least 3 lines of content or else they will be deleted.
  9. You MUST get an admin's permission before creating a page or a category.

These rules will be continued as they are needed.